COVID-19: Your Safety Is Priority

Hi everyone! I’m Megan, the creator of Chronic Readers Club.

As the COVID-19 pandemic progressed over the last year, I posted numerous times on social media about Chronic Readers Club’s response. This program serves chronically ill and disabled people, so the risk posed by this virus is even higher for most of the people that receive packages. I wanted to be sure to reiterate here in a single post about the ways I am prioritizing your safety.

The initial precautions Chronic Readers Club was taking included completely pausing the sending of packages, and when resuming them, increasing already-existing sanitation measures and asking each recipient if they were comfortable receiving mail during this time. I have now indicated on social media and on the actual application page that anyone who is not comfortable receiving a package in the mail while the pandemic is ongoing please wait to apply until you feel comfortable. Anyone who submits an application now moving forward is, by submitting the form, agreeing to receive mail from Chronic Readers Club and waives Chronic Readers Club of any liability that receiving that mail may entail.

This means two things: that I am doing everything I possibly can to prevent any risk of infection coming from a package (the ways in which I will detail next), but also that I cannot control everything. I am sanitizing every item put in each package, and sanitizing the packaging and the box and the label and the sticker, everything that will be sent to you. And should I or anyone in my household ever have any possible exposure to someone with the virus, I will immediately pause sending any packages until I am absolutely certain I feel safe again. But I cannot control what happens to the packages when they leave me. I do not know who they may contact through transport with the post office.

So this is why I am leaving the choice up to you. I myself am immunocompromised and high-risk, so I completely understand how scary the world is right now. But if you are comfortable receiving mail, know that I am doing everything possible to assure your safety while continuing to send these books!

Wishing you low pain and peaceful reading always,

Megan Klenke, Creator of Chronic Readers Club

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